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Pipers Day Nursery
Alder Grove, Hoole,
Chester, Cheshire CH2 3ET
Telephone: 01244 313960
Email: mail@pipersnursery.com

New Starters

Why Not Ring Victoria on 01244 313960 and ask about our FREE ! Settling-In Sessions?

Safety Surface Play Area

The Accessible Play Area has a Variety of Surface Finishes Including: Safety Surface, Bark, Grass and Planting Areas. The Children Can Freely Access the Outdoor Play Area, Every Day, in All Weathers !

Day Nurseries Chester - Useful Links

Childcare Advice


National Day Nurseries Association is a national charity who’s goal is to promote quality in early years care and education for the benefit of children, their families and the local community.


Ofsted is the office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. Ofsted contribute to the provision of better education and care through effective inspection and regulation.

Children's Links

Children's Links - A national children's charity committed to improving the quality of children's, young people's and families' life experiences throughout the UK.

Daycare Trust Pre-School Learning Alliance

The Pre-school Learning Alliance web site is an excellent resource for parents and early years settings. National childcare charity that promotes high quality affordable childcare for all.

Employers for Childcare

Employers for Childcare is a registered charity and not-for-profit organization, set up to assist working parents by encouraging businesses to invest in employer supported childcare.

Linking Up

The Linking Up Childcare voucher scheme is a social enterprise established by Children's Links, a national charity that works to build the confidence and self belief of children with social and physical difficulties, enabling them to integrate happily in society.


Gingerbread is the leading support organisation for lone parent families in England and Wales. Site contains information about support for lone parent families.

Children and Mothers - Media Advice


The UK's biggest parenting web site


Parenting advice and information

BBCi Parenting

BBCi Parenting web site offers practical solutions to help with the challenges of everyday parenting

Mothers, Pregnancy and Childbirth

The National Childbirth Trust

The National Childbirth Trust offers support in pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood.

BBC Information on Parenting

Offers practical advice from having a baby to the teenage years.

La Leche League

Aims to help mothers breast feed


Information about Pregnancy and Babies

Direct Gov

Web site which helps parents with a baby-led approach to weaning.


BabyCentre is the UK's number one pregnancy and parenting web site.

Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Health Exercise Nutrition For The Really Young

Designed to tackle early childhood obesity by training community and health practitioners to work more effectively with parents and young families.

Baby Led Weaning

Advice and support for parents - Letting your child feed itself from the very start of weaning.

Infant and Toddler Forum

The Infant and Toddler Forum has developed 10 Steps for Healthy Toddlers, an easy-to-use guide for parents and carers which provides direction on what food to offer toddlers, what behavior to encourage and how best to manage mealtimes.

Food Allergy Advice

Food Allergy Information

Food Standards Agency

Speech, Language and Communication

Pre-school Learning Alliance

Visit the Pre-school Learning Alliance site, an excellent resource for parents and early years settings.

I CAN - The children's communication charity

The charity that supports children with speech, language and communication difficulties. Children with communication difficulties might find it hard to express themselves, understand words, speak in sentences and understand simple instructions.

The Hello campaign will make communication for all children and young people a priority in homes and schools across the country in 2011, so that they can live life to the full.


Classes and resources for parents and their babies.

National Literacy Trust

Talk To Your Baby encourages parents and carers to talk more to children from birth to three, helping them to become good communicators - essential if they are to do well at school and lead happy, fulfilled and successful lives.

Talking Point

Talking Point is a web site all about children’s speech, language and communication. For parents, people that work with children, and children and young people themselves. It contains everything you need to know about supporting children’s speech and language development.

Afasic England

Afasic England supports parents and carers of children with speech and language impairments.

British Stammering Association

Your first point of contact for impartial information and support on stammering, also known as stuttering.

Dyslexia Action

The biggest dyslexia charity in the UK providing a wide range of services to people of all ages who have dyslexia and struggle with literacy.

Child Benefit and Working Family Tax Credits

HM Revenue for Child and Working Family Tax Credits

Information about childcare including important details about the governments childcare voucher scheme.

HM Revenue for Child Benefit

Find out everything you need to know about current child benefit legislation and procedures for claiming benefits that you are entitled to.

Family Health

Health Protection Agency

Website for notifiable and infectious diseases

Natural Living

The Green Familia

A natural living blog that helps identify great products for the family, whether it be natural, eco, green or organic at value for money prices.

Pipers Nursery - Flexibility With Full and Part-Time Child Care

Pipers Out of School Pipers Time Out provides Out of School Care for Children of 4 Years and Upwards
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